Hicks Oils' History

Where we've come from to where we are now

Hicks Oils was formed in 1978 to serve the lubricant needs of Southern Illinois coal mines. Today, Hicks Oils blends and packages motor oil, hydraulic fluid, gear lubes, transmission fluids and various specialty lubricants to fulfill most industries' lubricant needs. Private label packaging has become one of our top priorities, and Hicks Oils' quart container fill line is capable of filling 300 quarts per minute. This allows Hicks Oils to provide customers with better pricing and turn around times.


Hicks Oils' production facility is located in DuQuoin, Illinois with over one million gallons of bulk storage capacity and 145,000 square feet of warehouse space. With dedicated pumps, meters, piping and tanks Hicks Oils can meet virtually any volume requirement on bulk products. Hicks Oils also has all necessary filling lines to package whatever container the customer requires; from 2.6 ounces up to railcars. With efficient bulk and package load loading areas, truck drivers have the opportunity to load quickly so they can get back on the road with very little downtime. Hicks Oils offers customers a complete line of services from formulation to packaging, while maintaining the highest standards in the industry by meeting and exceeding industry specifications on our products. Hicks Oils blends and packages API approved products and is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.


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