Why Hicks?

Hicks Oils is unique.


  • Hicks Oils is a service orientated company. The staff at Hicks Oils is continuously evaluating better ways to serve the Customer. Notably, a new production line has been installed and substantial expansions have been made for pallet racking. This has allowed Hicks Oils to fill product more efficiently and expanded the space for warehousing which has helped cut down on order lead times for customers. In early 2013 Hicks Oils implemented a new inventory management and purchasing software system. This new system helps Hicks Oils serve customers more efficiently with order processing and also aids continuing efforts to be environmentally friendly by reducing paper waste.

Hicks Oils has the product.

  • Working in conjunction with industry leading additive manufacturers, Hicks Oils has developed over 400 custom products for its customers.
  • Many of these products were designed for customer specific applications and are not marketed under Hicks Oils brand names. Here is a summary of products we currently offer. All of the products mentioned can be privately labeled. Learn more about Hicks Oils' capabilities.
  • Hicks Oils is dedicated to oil. Hicks Oils does not blend and package antifreeze, or windshield wash, or brake fluid. Hicks Oils blends and packages oil! This dedication to petroleum and synthetic petroleum based products is Hicks Oils' first line of defense against product contamination.
  • To further avoid contamination between products, Hicks Oils has dedicated plumbing for incoming and outgoing materials separated by product family. Because of this, there is no possibility of having trace amounts of transmission fluid packaged with a motor oil.
  • Audited to the ISO 9001 standard, Hicks Oils has a stringent sampling and testing procedure on all incoming and packaged products. Learn more information about the capabilities of Hicks Oils' lab.
  • To get the best product, you must start with the best components. Hicks Oils deals with industry leaders in technology for product development and technical support. By working with these major suppliers, the customer can be assured that the performance of Hicks Oils products take a "back seat" to nothing.
  • Since Hicks Oils is an independent and works directly with the technical developers at some of the world's largest additive suppliers; Hicks Oils often has the ability to customize products tailored to specific desires of the customer.
  • Currently, Hicks Oils maintains six packaging lines: two designated for quart bottle filling, two designated for drum and 16-gallon keg filling, one for 2.5 gallon containers and pail filling, and an 8-head in-line versatile filler for 2.6 oz to 5-quart bottle filling. Highlighting our filling capabilities is our high-speed quart filling line where each machine is rated for fill up to 300 quarts per minute. Speaking to the automation on this line, quality assurance is the only reason human hands have to touch the product.
  • Hicks Oils stocks many different packaging options. For consumer use, Hicks Oils stocks several different colors and sizes of packaging ranging from 2.6 ounce bottles to 330 gallon totes. As an example of our selection, 10 different quart bottle options are available in varying colors and styles.
  • With current manufacturing and packaging capability Hicks Oils ships product in package ranging in sizes between 2.6 oz bottles and 25000 gallon railcars.
  • Hicks Oils is an ILMA member
  • Hicks Oils is ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Hicks Oils offers a complete line of API Licensed products
  • Hicks Oils utilizes high quality API group I-V base oils including PAO Synthetic and Re-Refined base oils
  • Hicks Oils offers a 100% Guarantee on all blended products
  • Hicks Oils has a complete line of trademarked lubricants ready for resale


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