Jan 18, 2019

SN PLUS Update

Hicks Oils has upgraded our SN product lines to SN PLUS.

Fighting back against LSPI

In the never ending pursuit of improved fuel economy, engines have gone through changes. One change specifically, the wider use of turbocharged gasoline direct injection (TGDI) engines, has necessitated a new kind of motor oil. This is due to a phenomenon in TGDI engines known as low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI). LSPI is a phenomenon in which combustion occurs in the combustion chamber before spark timing. The increase in pressure from LSPI can cause engine knock, broken spark plugs, cracked pistons, and in extreme cases, engine failure.

LSPI Piston Damage

To combat LSPI, the API has released a new engine oil specification, SN PLUS. Hicks Oils is pleased to announce that all our SN product lines: Venom, Formula 500 Synthetic Blend and Full Synthetic, and Nature's Choice have been updated to meet the newest SN PLUS specification. Contact our sales office to learn about our new SN PLUS products today!

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