Jan 25, 2023

Announcing Venom Full Synthetic dexos1Gen3 Motor Oils

Hicks Oils is proud to announce our new line of full synthetic motor oils with formal dexos1Gen3 approval from General Motors.

Hicks Oils stays on the cutting edge of North American motor oil technology with our new line of GM approved dexos1Gen3 full synthetic motor oils.


After many years of selling API licensed motor oil, Hicks Oils has decided to offer a line of motor oils formally approved for dexos1Gen3 applications. The addition of this product line will allow Venom customers to cover a large portion of the North American motor oil market with one product. Superior performance and short lead times will allow Hicks' partners to stay competitive in the marketplace. Please contact our sales representatives for information or to place an order. Visit our PDS/SDS page for updated product data and safety data sheets for our new Venom product line.

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