Jun 19, 2017

Hicks Oils Adds a TFAB Unit to our QC Lab

Hicks Oils adds more new instrumentation for our quality control lab.

Hicks Oils continues expansion of our quality control laboratory with the addition of a Foam Air Bath from Tannas.


Excessive foam can cause a variety of problems in a lubricant. From causing the oil to act as an insulator, to reduction of lubricating ability, even failure of a hydraulic system, ability to control foam buildup in a lubricant is extremely important. That is why Hicks Oils has upgraded our testing equipment for foam testing to a Tannas Foam Air Bath. The addition of the TFAB allows more efficient QC monitoring of products to ensure they meet specifications and also helps technical staff optimize formulations for performance and cost. Ask our sales representatives how Hicks Oils can help your lubricants fight foam today.

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